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Our Partners


All Donations Appreciated

Due to COVID 19 PayPal has been removed from this site until we can get PayPal customer support for our updated website. 

Please send checks to Wilson Community Food Pantry, PO Box 864, Wilson NY 14172


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Many Ways to Donate


Make an Online or Cash Payment

We can purchase from the WNY Food Bank for 14 cents/pound, much cheaper than any of us can purchase from the grocery store.  100% of each donation dollar is used to provide basic food.  

Donate Food

Non-perishable items are best. Local farmers and people with green thumbs donate wonderful veggies. 

Donate an Item

People can make donations of non-perishable items that we can resell. This can be an item of value found cleaning your garage or attic. If you would like to donate an item: complete the "Contact Us" form on this website, submit and we will contact you. 

Donate an Item with your bottle returns

Donate a non-perishable item with bottle returns at The Express Redemption Center, 418 Lake St. Suite B, Wilson, NY and you will receive 6 cents on your returns.  (716-751-2188)

Donate Time

Volunteer and give the gift of your time.